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Bento Sets

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Executive Bento

Executive Bentos are convenient meals packed into Japanese style bento lunch boxes. Neat, presentable and practical, it is most suitable as accompaniment for lunch meetings when participants cannot afford the time or do not want to leave the meeting room to look for lunch. A wide variety of combination is available with one main dish of either FISH, CHICKEN, BEEF or SEAFOOD complemented by side dishes of bean curd and vegetables

Sample Menu A
  • 1) Ayam Kalio
  • 2) Tahu Kipas
  • 3) Kailan Tiram
  • 4) Nasi Putih or Nasi Kuning
Sample Menu B
  • 1) Ikan Masam Manis
  • 2)Tahu Kroket
  • 3) Sayur Lodeh
  • 4)Nasi Putih or Nasi Kuning
Sample Menu C
  • 1) Sapi Lapis
  • 2) Telor Dadar
  • 3) Capcai
  • 4) Nasi Putih or Nasi Kuning

There are many other items you can select for your Executive Bento, please contact us via phone or email for more options. Some additional food items available for selection:

  • 1) Local Curry Chicken
  • 2) Ayam Panggang
  • 3) Ayam Masala
  • 4)Ayam Penyet
  • 5)Gulai Ikan
  • 6)Ikan Asam Pedas
  • 7)Ikan Goreng Tepong Roti
  • 8)Begedel
  • 9)Tahu Goreng
  • 10)Otah Tenggiri
  • 11) Terong Isi Ayam
  • 12) Kangkong Sambal
  • 13) Brokoli Jamur
  • 14) Braised Tofu (Contact us for more food options)