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Warung Lele has been serving food lovers in Singapore since 2004. We started our operations from a conserved shophouse in China Square Central, today, we are located in the busy business district, flanked by Anson Road, Shenton Way, Maxwell Road and Prince Edward Road, bringing many gastronomic delights to pamper to the palates of high powered executives in the financial and commercial nerve center of Singapore.

Warung Lele is not just a restaurant, we provide an authentic Indonesian food experience. In addition, we also serve Chinese, Malay and other Asian food variants for our catering services. At our restaurant, we serve food in strict observance of the standards stipulated by MUIS for Halal establishments and accordingly, we are on MUIS’s list of halal restaurants. We also offer an array of vegetarian options for our friends on vegetarian diet. Thus, we are able to cater to people with different tastes and needs.

At Warung Lele, every customer is a VIP! In keeping with the friendly “kampong” spirit, all guests are greeted with a smile by our service staff, comprising mostly Indonesians exuding true Indonesian hospitality. Indulge in our sambal belacan, Karedok, Kangkong Sambal, Sambal Udang and our many other “pedas” (spicy) dishes familiar to most people. Or tuck into our Lele Bakar, Cumi Bakar, Sate Ayam, Tahu Telor and savour the fresh taste of unique Indonesian cooking that is neither hot or spicy. Feast on our Gurame Goreng or Nila Goreng, both aesthetically and gastronomically pleasing creations of our chefs. Whether you order our fiery hot dishes, or the mildly spicy items like Ayam Kalio, Sapi Lapis, Sayur Lodeh or our totally non-spicy specialties, you can look forward to enjoying a meal that will titillate your palate.

Looking for something more? During festive seasons we offer delicacies such as Turkey, Chicken Ham Ball, Roast Beef during Christmas while Yusheng (raw fish salad) is available during the Chinese New Year period. We also cater for boardroom sit-down luncheons.

Come soak in true Indonesian hospitality and enjoy authentic Indonesian cuisine right in the heart of town, come to Warung Lele and enjoy service with a smile.


We always maintain high standards in food quality
We pay special attention to the freshness, taste, consistency of the food we serve
We always maintain a high quality of service. Our staff are trained to serve with a smile under all circumstances and to be alert to the needs of our customers at all times
We always control costs through the reduction of wastage and improved efficiency in order to achieve our goal of offering good food at reasonable prices.


At Warung Lele we are ably guided by a team of professionals who are not only experienced but also extremely passionate about our work:

Albert Tay – Managing Director

A self-confessed Foodie, Albert loves to seek out and visit “lost” food outlets in Singapore. On his trips overseas, he will take to the off-beaten track and look for local delights exclusive to the places he visits in order to savour such local specialties and learn about the unique ways they are prepared. By incorporating different management styles from his travels that are relevant and introducing themes that will enhance the diners’ visit to Warung Lele, Albert has been working continuously to make dining at Warung Lele an enjoyable and refreshing experience.

Eman Sugiman – Master Chef

Like Albert, Eman is extremely passionate about his job and hobby – food. Having worked with several renown Indonesian restaurants in Indonesia and Singapore, he has a well of knowledge of traditional Indonesian cuisine, ranging from simple home cooked meals, to exquisite restaurant dishes and ceremonial dining such as the NASI TUMPENG which is served during ceremonial feasts. With over 2 decades of experience in Jakarta and Singapore, and having been exposed to various other types of cuisines, Eman has also incorporated unique techniques from other culture to enhance his traditional Indonesian cooking.

Yea Chan – Operations Manager

A soft spoken man, Yea Chan is the perfect stabilizer to help keep things running smoothly during the hectic lunch hour. Always ready to help the customer, his soft spoken demeanor has been praised by many customers who wonder how he can maintain his “cool” In the face of the many demands from both customers and the service team. A great motivator and team builder, Yea Chan is like a great conductor, keeping the whole crew serving our valued customers with a smile amidst all the hustle and bustle.


Warung Lele has been featured several times in local media and on food blogs. During our inaugural year, we were introduced to the organizers of Megawarnaria (the fundraising event during Ramadan in 2004) by satisfied customers and we were duly appointed the Official Restaurant for the event.

The following year, in 2005, we were recommended to the food columnist of Malay language paper Berita Harian, again by satisfied customers, and he ran a feature story on our restaurant. In the same year, we were also featured on local television’s Selamat Pagi Singapura, a lifestyles and current affairs program. This was followed by a feature in Manja Magazine, a major Malay language family oriented magazine. Suria Segar, the new lifestyle Malay language television program also decided to feature our restaurant on their lifestyle segment.

Several independent food critics also wrote favourably on their blogs, including popular food portal, www.hungryGoWhere .com.